Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Chinese Aerospace Industry

Glorious history of aerospace for the country (from 1930s to 1950s)

Aircraft Unit was established in 1935 and there was first generation of graduates in 1936. In 1942, Aerospace Department was set up of which Cao Hesun was hired to be acting dean. There were young professors in China aerospace field such as Ji Wenmei, Xu Yuzan, Yue Jieyi, Ma Mingde and etc. .From 1936 to 1953, aerospace department in Jiao Tong University has 16 generations of graduates, that was 249 in total, in which over 40 people have achieved great endeavors, including academician Du Qinghua, Tu Jida, Bian Yingui, Zhuang Fenggan, Wu Yaozu and Gu Songfen etc. In 1952, with department adjustment across the whole country, we transferred many quality graduates, in which Cao Hesun, Zhuang Fenggan, Ma Mingde and Yue Jieyi are in PLA Military Engineering Institute and Ji Wenmei, Wang Peisheng, Yang Pengji and Wang Hongji are in East Aviation Academy  (hereinafter referred Northwestern Polytechnic University ).  

Students of Aircraft Unit      

Graduates of Aircraft Unit


Many Thanks for Great Teaching (Century Anniversary from 1950 to 1996)

The following people with great achievements in atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb and artificial satellite are from Jiao Tong University, i.e. Qian Xuesen, Wu Ziliang, Yang Jiachi, Wang Xiji, Chen Nengkuan and Yao Tongbin.


Shanghai Jiao Tong University took part in research of China’s first rocket. Wang Xiji, dean of power department at Jiao Tong University, also worked as general engineer at designing institute. Pan Xianjue worked as engineer of rocket design. He Yousheng worked as secretary of the Party committee at Jiao Tong University. Wang Lihuan and Zhu Rongchang also took part in research.Ma Fengshan, student at Aerospace Department in Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1949, worked as general superintendent for No.10 Rocket research from July, 1970. He also worked as unit leader of large scale jet passenger plane, general designer and headmaster at 640 Institute etc.For No.10 rocket research, Aviation industry and Shanghai followed instructions from Vice Premier Bo Yibo and invited 55 experts including Fan Xuji (headmaster of Shanghai Jiao Tong University) for onsite inspection on No.10 Rocket prior to an evaluation meeting,in May, 1981. Fan Xuji invited Professor Luo Shijun to work at Jiao Tong University. The university continued to make contributions in aerospace research at mechanical system as the base. For example, as schoolmates in the year of 1952, General An Jiguang worked with professors in research of computational aerodynamics, including He Yousheng, Yan Zhen, Jiang Kezhong, Yan Ming, Zhou Wenbo and Shan Xuexiong at mechanical system. Headmaster Fan Xuji led 1011 research room to conduct the domestic innovative research of the country, i.e. the Issue of Airplane Cushion Impact by Birds as well as the Heat Structure and Heat Stress Studies etc.


People with Great Achievements in Atomic Bomb, Hydrogen Bomb and Artificial Satellite


Qian Xuesen         Wu Ziliang            Yang Jiachi            Wang Xiji        Chen Nengkuan    Yao Tongbin


Shanghai Jiao Tong University Took Part in Ma Fengshan and Yunshi

Research of China’s First Rocket

Live the Sky Dream based on Good Education (after century anniversary)

On November 18th, 2002, Shanghai Jiao Tong University restored department of aerospace engineering.

On January 15th, 2005, Shanghai Jiao Tong University set up Institute of Aerospace Science & Technology

On September 28th, 2008, Shanghai Jiao Tong University set up School of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

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