General Conditions of the Research

School of Aeronautics and Astronautics has primarily established the framework of basic theoretic studies and application technologies as mutual support, along with traditional features and frontier fields joint development as well as the platform base construction and major scientific studies combination. By setting innovation mechanism and awards of excellence, a scientific team of reasonable structure, union morale, youthful spirit and practical operations has come onto surface. Since its formation, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics has been mainly paying attention to the following two aspects. On the one hand, the school has made key efforts in innovative basic researches with achievement of high level vertical scientific projects, and made breakthroughs with regards to quantity of national and provincial level projects as well as layering and quantity of genres. On the other hand, the school has also attached great importance to active service in scientific operations, and active participation to major research projects of the country, so as to make active contributions for development of society and science.


After years of development, the School is now carrying out research of national significance in the following three major areas: 1. Aircraft design, the research covers aircraft design methods, aerodynamic design, structural strength, human factor, and function materials. 2. Aerospace propulsion engineering, areas of research include aerothermodynamics and aeroacoustics for high bypass civil engines. 3. Aerospace information and control. The research areas include target tracking and maneuvering, information fusion, guidance, control and navigation satellite systems.

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