Departments & Centers

Departments & Centers

Department of Aircraft Design

Aircraft Design is considered as one of the key disciplines in aerospace science and technology, which is the focus in the Department of Aircraft Design. The Department, merged from Department of Aerospace Engineering and Institute of Aircraft Design, now consists of 20 full time teachers with 15 members with Doctorate and the Master Degree. These include Zhiyuan Chair Professor Zhenyuan Wu – a famous aerodynamic expert and Shanghai thousand talents Scholar - Prof. Hui Hu (U.S. Iowa University).

The Department has a hypersonic technology laboratory, multi-point loading structural test platform, propulsion laboratory, lab for polymer material, virtual human-machine environment laboratory and so on. Researches focus on aerodynamics, structure, propulsion, aircraft human factors, material and etc.


In the last five years, the Department has been funded with more than 50 scientific research projects, including National Science and Technology Major Project, National Basic Research Program (973 program), National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 program), Natural Sciences Foundation and so on. The Department has published more than 10 textbooks/monographs and over 70 research papers. The textbooks are all supported by the "National Aircraft Publication Project". Among these publications include "Civil Aircraft Design", "Aircraft Propulsion", etc. The journal has covered almost all the well-known journals in fluid mechanics, structure, material, propulsion, and human factors and so on.

The international collaboration has been established with the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, ESA and other famous foreign universities and research institutions. Many famous scholars are regularly invited to lecture each year, such as Professor Jeffery Jupp- former chief designer of Airbus UK. Many Ph. D candidates and graduate students are financed to give presentations on international academic conferences.

Department of Aircraft Design offer courses with teaching laboratory, such as aircraft design, aerodynamics, structure, propulsion for undergraduate students and advance aerodynamics, aerodynamic design, finite element analysis, aviation human factors for graduated students. 

Department of Aerospace Information and Control

The Department of Aerospace Information and Control was built up on the foundation of the "Control Science and Engineering", "Communications and Information System" and "Computer Applied Technology", the national key disciplines of the research strength of the aeronautics and astronautics at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The department has four major research directions, including satellite navigation & integrated navigation technology, intelligent information fusion technology, image processing and recognition, and autonomous guidance and control of aircraft. Currently, the discipline has three major sub-disciplines, including control science and engineering, pattern recognition and intelligent system, information and control of aeronautics and astronautics. It has the rights to grant the doctorate and master degrees.

Our department currently has 7 professors (include 2 Cheung Kong Scholars, 2 members of the recruitment program of global experts of shanghai), 8 associate professors and 2 lecturers, 6 post doc. It also has a research team of more than 120PHDcandidates and master students. In recent years, our department has assumed to accomplish a total of more than 30 important national research projects, some of representative research projects and tasks are listed as follows: National High Technology Research and Development Program of China,National pre-research in the 12th Five-Year Period,The National Key Technology R&D Program,National Natural Science Foundation of China,National Defense Pre-Research Foundation of China.

It has been awarded 38 China patents, published more than 200 SCI or EI-cited papers, and won more than 10 prizes at the provincial and ministerial level.

The department establishes close academic exchanges with Universities of United States, United Kingdom, Canada, European Space Agency and other foreign well-known universities and research institutions.

The department undertakes educational mission for both undergraduate and graduate students. For the undergraduate-level courses, its core curriculum composed of automatic control principles, flight mechanics, and aircraft control. For the graduate-level courses, it consists of information fusion, automatic target recognition, image fusion, avionics, aircraft flight control system, and satellite navigation principle. The department establishes several professional labs, such as flight mechanics and control labs.


Department of Propulsion


The department consists of two professors, two associate professors, and one lecturer.


The main research fields of Department of Propulsion: Turbomachinery unsteady flow, aircraft engine aerodynamic design and structural reliability, advanced measuring technology for turbomachinery flow, aircraft engine airworthiness certification, aerodynamic noise analysis and numerical calculation, CFD, and experimental and numerical investigation of aero-engines.


The lab of Department of Propulsion is equipped with a series of advanced experimental devices including DANTEC TR-PIV with high degree of accuracy, hot-wire anemometer, high-frequency dynamic pressure transducer, B&K acoustic microphone. It also has several experiment platforms such as a 500KW planar cascade test platform, a 1.5-stage swept-curved blade validation experimental platform, and a low-speed aerodynamic anechoic chamber. Experiments in stage performance, aerodynamic acoustic measurement, optimization design projects of aircraft engine are carried out.


In recent years, the department has undertaken lots of scientific research projects, including projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Aeronautical Science Foundation of China, Technology Innovation Project from SHEITC, etc. Moreover, the department has been awarded more than 10 national invention patents.


Near Space Research Center

The Near Space Research Center has interdisciplinary and cross-college cooperation characteristics, and focus on the research and teaching mode based on the combination of practice and theory. The center has taken a number of research tasks such as National Science and Technology Key Projects, National Hi-Tech Research and Development Program (863), and National Natural Science Foundation of China. Since the establishment of center, more than 20 related academic papers (of which 10 SCI papers or so) have been published, and 3 software platforms have been developed. From 2008 to 2009, the center participated in “ZHIYUAN-I” airship project supported by university self-fund, and played a key role in the project.

The research team members include 2 professors, 4 associate professors, 2 lecturers, 2 post-doctoral, more than 20 PHDs candidates and masters and 2 professors in other colleges.

The center mainly focuses on the research of stratospheric airship. The main research interests include: (1) overall design and system integration technology of aircraft; (2) aerodynamic design and analysis techniques; (3) flight control technology; (4) large non-rigid structure and hybrid structure as well as their health monitoring technology; (5) integrated environmental control technology for near space platform. The discipline has three major sub-disciplines, including control science and engineering, aircraft design, information and control of aeronautics and astronautics. It has the rights to grant the doctorate and master degrees.

The center has test bases in Bao shan, Shanghai and Suzhou, and also has related equipment for test and processing, boathouse and flight venues. The center can independently complete the whole process from the design and production of aircraft to flight test. The center encourages students to actively participate in the test tasks of bases, theory to guide practice, practice perfect theory.

J.C.Wu Center for Aerodynamics

The Center was established in October 2007 with funding from aerodynamics expert, U. S. Georgia Institute of technology Professor J. C. Wu. The Center consists of 4 professors, 3 associate professors and 1 lecturer, including Zhiyuan chair prof. Zhenyuan Wu - famous aerodynamic expert Shanghai thousand talents Scholar - Prof. Hui Hu (U.S. Iowa University). Researches focus on basic theory of innovation design of aircraft, vortex aerodynamic, unsteady aerodynamics, aircraft unsteady design theory, hypersonic aerodynamics and so on. Strong international cooperation is the one of the strengths in the Center.

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