Dep. of Aircratft Design

Liu Longquan

Post:Associate professor

Office Phone:021-34206653

Office Address:School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Professional experience

Time Office Units Post
2005.01-2006.12 Shanghai ABB engineering service company Mechanical engineer
2007.01-2007.12 The PAC Groups Automotive engineer
2008.01-2009.07 The Vought aircraft industries Mechanical engineer
2009.08-2017.12  Shanghai Jiao Tong University Assistant research
2018.01-now Shanghai Jiao Tong University Associate professor

Educational background

Time Graduated School Educational background
1994.09-1998.07 Hebei University of Technology Bachelor degree
2007.01-2007.12 Jilin University Master degree
2008.01-2009.07 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ph.d

Research Interests

  • Damage tolerance of the fiber-reinforced composites
  • Integrated thermal protection and thermal management materials and structures

Research projects

  • The damage, strengthening and toughening mechanisms of graphene-enhanced hollow microlattice materials facing high-temperature cyclic loading in spacecrafts(National natural and science foundation of China, 2021-2024)
  • The key technologies of improving the shaping accuracy of the hollow metallic microlattice materials(National natural and science foundation of China, 2016-2019)

Selected publications

  1. Shi J.H.,  Liu L.Q.*,  Creating hollow microlattice materials reinforced by carbon nanotubes for improved mechanical properties. Materials Letters,  2019,  240: 205–208
  2. Liu L.Q.,  Feng H.,  Tang H.Q.,  Guan Z.W. Impact resistance of Nomex honeycomb sandwich structures with thin fibre reinforced polymer facesheets. Journal of Sandwich Structures & Materials,  Journal of Sandwich Structures and Materials 2018,  20(5): 531–552
  3. Tang H.Q., Liu L.Q.* A novel metal-composite joint and its structural performance. Composite Structures, 2018:26(15): 33-41
  4. Feng H.,  Liu L.Q. *,  Zhao Q . Experimental and numerical investigation of the effect of entrapped air on the mechanical response of Nomex honeycomb under flatwise compression[J]. Composite Structures,  2017,  182:617-627.
  5. Liu L.Q., Zhang J.Q.,  Chen K.K.,  Wang H., Liu M.H., Experimental and numerical analysis of the mechanical behavior of liquid shim in composite-to-titanium bolted joints,  Aerospace Science and Technology,  2016,  49: 167-172.
  6. Liu L.Q., Wang H., Guan Z.W., Experimental and numerical study on the mechanical response of Nomex honeycomb core under transverse loading, Composite Structures, 2015, 121: 304-314.
  7. Liu L.Q., Meng P., Wang H., Guan Z. W., The flatwise compressive properties of Nomex honeycomb core with debonding imperfections in the double cell wall, Composites Part B-Engineering, 2015, 76: 122-132.
  8. Liu L.Q.,  Zhang J.Q.,  Wang H.,  Guan Z.W.,  Mechanical behavior of the composite curved laminates in practical applications,  Steel and Composite Structures,  2015,  19(5): 1095-1113.
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  10. Liu L.Q., The influence of the substrate's stiffness on the liquid shim effect in composite-to-titanium hybrid bolted joints, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers - Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering, 2014, 228(3): 470-479.
  11. Liu L.Q., Zhang J.Q., Chen K.K., Wang H., Influences of assembly parameters on the strength of bolted composite-metal joints under tensile loading, Advanced Composite Materials, 2013, 22(5): 339-359
  12. Liu L.Q.*, K.Chen. Global–local finite element stress analysis of thick laminate multi-bolt joints in large-scale structures. Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, 2013, 75: 31-37.
  13. Liu L.Q.*, K.Chen. Modeling Method for Deformation Analysis in Thick Laminate Mechanical Joints. Journal of Aircraft, 2012, 49(6):1974-1981.

Honors and awards

Third prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Invention Award (Rank: 2)

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