Dep. of Aircratft Design

Lai Shuyue

Post:Assistant Professor

Office Phone:

Office Address:Shanghai Jiaotong University


Professional experience

Time Office Units Post
2020-present Shanghai Jiaotong University Assistant Professor
2019–2019 Corning Research Center Research Scientist

Educational background

Time Graduated School Educational background
2016 – 2019 University of Maryland Ph.D.
2014-2016 University of Maryland Master of Engineering.
2012-2014 University of Michigan Bachelor of Engineering.
2010-2014 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Bachelor of Engineering.

Research Interests

  • Multiphase flow physics including
    • Reacting granular flow
    • Granular flow on earth, asteroids and comets
    • Explosion safety
  • Computational fluid dynamics

Research projects

  • 2021-2023, National Natural Science Foundation of China
  • 2020-2022, Shanghai Pujiang Program

Selected publications

  1. Shuyue Lai*; Ryan W. Houim; Elaine S. Oran; Mechanism and structure of subsurface explosions in granular media, Physical Review Fluids, 2017, 2(9).

  2. Shuyue Lai*; Ryan W. Houim; Elaine S. Oran; Effects of particle size and density on dust dispersion behind a moving shock, Physical Review Fluids, 2018, 3(6).

  3. Shuyue Lai*; Ryan W. Houim; Elaine S. Oran; Dispersion of stratified dust layers by a moving shock wave, International Journal of Multiphase Flow, 2019, 118: 87-96.

Honors and awards


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