Dep. of Aircratft Design

Jiang Dongjie

Post:Assistant Professor

Office Phone:

Office Address:Room A425 , Aerospace Building


Professional experience

Time Office Units Post
2019-current Shanghai Jiaotong University Assistant Professor


Educational background

Time Graduated School Educational background
2005-2009 Tsinghua University Bachelor, Eng

Tsinghua University

Master, Eng
2011-2017 University of Texas at Austin


Research Interests

  • Constitutive modeling of shape memory alloys
  • Lightweight smart structures

Research projects

  • Thermomechanical modeling of NiTi shape memory alloy, SJTU career fund
  • Deformation, instability and optimization of shape memory alloy lattice structures, NSFC Youth Fund

Selected publications

  1.  Y. Xiao, D. Jiang*. 2020. Rate dependence of transformation pattern in superelastic NiTi tube. Extreme Mechanics Letters 39, 100819.
  2. Y. Xiao, D. Jiang*. 2020. Constitutive modelling of transformation pattern in superelastic NiTi shape memory alloy under cyclic loading. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 182, 105743.
  3. D. Jiang, S. Kyriakides, N.J. Bechle, C.M. Landis. 2017. Bending of pseudoelastic NiTi tubes. International Journal of Solids and Structures 124, 192-214.
  4. D. Jiang, S. Kyriakides, C.M. Landis, K. Kazinakis. 2017. Modeling of propagation of transformation fronts in NiTi under uniaxial tension. European Journal of Mechanics A/Solids 64, 131-142.
  5. D. Jiang, S. Kyriakides, C.M. Landis. 2017. Propagation of phase transformation fronts in pseudoelastic NiTi tubes under uniaxial tension. Extreme Mechanics Letters 15, 113-121.

Honors and Awards

Excellent Graduate, Tsinghua University, 2009

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