Research Groups

Aircraft Structure and Strength Group



Members: there are 20 faculty members and professional fellows, 40 doctors and postgraduates, including experienced from AVIC, young scholars participating in the pre-research of key national projects and National Natural Science Foundation projects. Some of our members obtained their doctoral degrees at Cambridge and Oxford.

Main research field: aircraft structure and strength analysis, aviation new materials and structures, material and structure function test, advanced test technology.

Research facilities: the lab has over 40 pieces of equipment for various experiments, including MTS multi-point coordinated loading system and more than 10 sets of material testing machines. They can be used to complete multiple loading, multiple status, large amount of standard and non-standard mechanical performance testing on sample parts, standard sample parts, common parts, and large structural parts.

Research projects: In recent years, the group has undertaken over 80 research projects with research funds of over RMB 50 million.

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