Research Groups

Aerospace Propulsion Group


Members: two professors, two associate professors, and one lecturer.

Main research fields: Turbomachinery unsteady flow, aircraft engine aerodynamic design and structural reliability, advanced measuring technology for turbomachinery flow, aircraft engine airworthiness certification, aerodynamic noise analysis and numerical calculation, CFD, and experimental and numerical investigation of aero-engines.

Research facilities: Propulsion Lab
The lab is equipped with a series of advanced experimental devices including DANTEC TR-PIV with high degree of accuracy, hot-wire anemometer, high-frequency dynamic pressure transducer, B&K acoustic microphone. It also has several experiment platforms such as a 500KW planar cascade test platform, a 1.5-stage swept-curved blade validation experimental platform, and a low-speed aerodynamic anechoic chamber. Experiments in stage performance, aerodynamic acoustic measurement, optimization design projects of aircraft engine are carried out.

Research Projects: projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Aeronautical Science Foundation of China, Technology Innovation Project from SHEITC, etc.
Research Achievements: 10 national invention patents.

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