Research Groups

Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering Group

Team: the group consists of one professor, two associate professors, and a number of post-doctoral researchers.

Main Research Areas: Taking “Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering” as the centralized research theme, emphasizing on the applications in aeronautics and astronautics, the group works on various projects in the field of Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering, ranging from basic theoretical studies to engineering implementations. The group has undertaken two major research projects: a National Basic Research Program (973 Program), “Comprehensive ergonomic evaluation theories and methods for commercial aircraft cockpit” and a national key program, “Research on airworthiness and compliance verification method for C919 wide-bodied commercial aircraft—Phase I” in collaboration with COMAC.

Research facilities: All facilities are open to public, including:
Integrated Aviation Human Factors Research Laboratory (InHF) has developed its own flight simulator system, flight environment simulating system, pilot behavior and psychological data acquisition and analysis system, and real time pilot physiological data collection and analysis system.

Digital Man-Machine-Environment System Simulation Laboratory(DMS), the key facilities of the lab is a 3D graphical simulation system, based on which extensive research has been conducted, including: digital pilot simulation system, man-machine coupling characteristics for flight control systems, pilot visual recognition mechanism, pilot operation performance, and operation performance in production and maintenance.

Aviation Metrology and Measurement Technology Research Laboratory (AMEGO) focuses on the development of non-instructive measurement technology including associated calibration and test technique. Typical system development in the lab includes the Pilot Behavior Measurement and Analysis System, Human Operational Performance Evaluation System (HOPES), Whole Field Surface Strain Measurement Sytem.

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