Research Groups

Distributed Spacecraft System Technology Group

Members: one associate professor (doctoral supervisor) and two lectures

Main Research Fields: Distributed spacecraft dynamics analysis and system design; Spacecraft formation precision navigation and accurate control; Distributed spacecraft system simulation; Spacecraft attitude determination and fault-tolerance control; Optimal orbit design and control for Deep Space Exploration Mission; New concept spacecraft and its key technology.

Research Facilities: with the support of the Ministry of Education and the General Armament Department, we are now pushing for the construction of the Laboratory mainly focused on Distributed Spacecraft System dynamics and control. The total investment exceeds RMB 30 million. The lab has large scale distributed simulation test platform, space formation mission design platform, multiple satellites global mapping analysis platform and professional experimental software and hardware equipment, including RT-Lab, NI PXI, Vx works, QNX, STK, Image navigation, GPS navigation, GPS navigation, IMU components, etc.

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