Graduate Program

Introduction to Teaching Scheme for Graduate Student in School of Aeronautics and Astronautics

School of Aeronautics and Astronautics under Shanghai Jiaotong University was established on September 28th, 2008. Teaching of school abides strict and scientific traditions. The school adheres to the alliance of both theory and practice as well as joint effect of basic theoretical studies and engineering application studies. There are 8 tutors of Ph.D. student, 17 tutors of graduate student as well as 2 Changjiang scholars. Among ranks of teachers, apart from highly respected and knowledgeable old professors, it not only possesses a group of young elites in academic circle, but also has teachers who are rich in innovations and inspirations with active participation in the frontier of course studies. The school has 3 Grade One Ph.D. degrees for enrollment of new students, including mechanics, instrumental science and technology, control science and engineering science. There are 10 Grade Two Ph.D. degree subjects for enrollment of new students, including Flight Vehicle Design, Solid Mechanics, Hydromechanics, Engineering Mechanics, Precision Instrument and Machinery, Material Science, Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics, Control Theory and Control Engineering, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System, and Navigation, Guidance and Control. Currently, there are doctoral candidates, full-time curriculum academic and technical research student, big airplane “Superfine Class” etc., which the total recruitment reaches 220 students incluing 39 doctorate candidates.


In collaboration with establishment of national key “large aircraft project” in Shanghai, the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics has opened a “special course for civil aircraft designing”. faculty includes experts with profound academic background and rich experience in aircraft designing from school and aviation industries. Three groups of tutors were organized to work together for guiding students, respectively include General Air-powering, Structural Strength and Aviation Electronics. The tutor groups include famous experts in aviation field such as Gu Songfen, academician with both School of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shen Yuankang, deputy director general of former General Administration of Civil Aviation of China, Cui Degang and Jin Dekun, member of Science Commission with China Aviation Industrial Group, Wu Guanghui, vice general manager and general designer with Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd.


Graduates from the school are very popular in their occupation units with average employment status of 99%. Companies that graduates mainly work for include Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd., China Aviation Industrial Group, Approval Center with Shanghai Aircraft Adaptation in Shanghai and Fifth Institute with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

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