Making History! The AAFLMC United Team Won the New Student Cup Soccer Championship, the First Time in 7 Years!


    After a month of fierce competition, the Aeronautics and Astronautics - Foreign Languages - Media and Communication (AAFLMC) United Team broke through the 16 teams composed of 26 colleges from the whole university and made a historic breakthrough into the final of the Freshman Cup. On the evening of November 19th, the final, AAFLMC fought with the Medical College for 50 minutes, and finally defeated the Medical College with a score of 2:0, winning the 2023 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Freshman Cup Football Championship!

    In the group stage, the AAFLMC United Team was grouped with the Medical Team, the ABD United Team, and the IPAL United Team. Facing the siege of the Medical Team and the ABD United Team, two traditional strong teams, the history of being eliminated in the first round of the group stage last year seemed to repeat itself, and advancing to the knockout stage seemed like a distant hope. But as the tournament progressed, the AAFLMC United Team won all three group matches without conceding a goal, and advanced as the group leader, becoming the biggest dark horse in the knockout stage. In the quarter-finals, the AAFLMC United Team beat Zhiyuan College 2:1; in the semi-finals, they eliminated the Biomedical Engineering and Medicine United Team 5:4 in a penalty shootout, and met the Medical Team in the final. Although the AAFLMC United Team had beaten the Medical Team 1:0 in the first match of the group stage, the Medical Team's strength was obviously not to be underestimated after several rounds of competition. After winning the semi-final, the AAFLMC United Team did not indulge in the joy of victory, but turned to the final training and preparation. The veteran players of the AAFLMC United Team also actively cooperated, and did a good job of tactical planning and logistical support for the final. The Aeronautics and Astronautics School, the Foreign Languages School, and the Media and Communication School also provided material support and guarantee for the team's preparation as much as possible based on a careful understanding of the team's needs.