Young teachers teaching competition held in School of Aeronautics and Astronautics


In order to thoroughly implement general secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on education, practice the fundamental task of establishing moral integrity in cultivation and enhance young teachers’ teaching ability, the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics organized the fourth teaching competition for young teachers in November 10th.


After enrollment and screening, 6 teachers finally participated in this teaching competition. Hu Shiqiang, secretary of the Party committee of SAA , and Chen Fang, deputy secretary of the Party committee, watched the competition. Wang Lijuan, the person in charge of the school's teaching development center, Yuan duping, a famous teacher of Jiaotong University, Liu Hong and Hu Yile, teachers from SAA, as well as a student representative, were invited as the competition judges. The event was presided over by deputy dean Lu Bei.


Hu Shiqiang pointed out that the school provides an exchange platform for young teachers by holding this education competitions and tries to help teachers improve their teaching ability. It is hoped that the teachers will give the best account of themselves and display fine teaching manners.




The competition is divided into three phases: teaching design, classroom teaching  presentation and after-class reflection. In the teaching design phase, the judges will score the teaching design scheme of each participating teacher. In the phase of classroom teaching presentation and after-class reflection, the contestants respectively select a teaching section for 20 minutes of on-site classroom teaching, and make a reflection from three aspects -teaching concept, teaching method and teaching process.

During the competition, the participating teachers showed their own teaching style and excellent professional quality and teaching manners. Also many other young teachers came to watch the competition and learned learn from them. After each contestant's presentation and self-reflection, the judges made detailed comments, pointed out the highlights and shortcomings of the contestants' teaching, and put forward improvement suggestions. Shen Qiang won the first prize according to the comprehensive evaluation scores of the jury group; Mu Zhongcheng and Tian Wei won the second prize; Yin Zifei, Lai Shuyue and Zhang Xiaohui won the third prize.




The young teachers' teaching competition has built a platform for learning and communication, which has played a positive role in improving the classroom teaching level of young teachers and the teaching quality of SAA.

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