The opening ceremony and the first class of 2021 freshmen of the school of Aeronautics and Astronautics were grandly held.


On the afternoon of September 11, the opening ceremony and the first class of 2021 freshmen of the school of Aeronautics and Astronautics were grandly held. The leading group resperenting for the party and government of the school, the class teachers of the 2021 freshmen, the teachers from the student work office and the academic affairs office attended the ceremony.As a supplement,so do all freshmen.


Before the ceremony officially began, teacher Zhang Xiaohui in the teaching and experiment center took the students of the pilot model team to fly the model aircraft and display the college flag, which attracted cheers from teachers and students.


Executive vice president Wu Shufan expressed his heartfelt welcome to the new students. Focusing on the three aspects of "adhering to the original intention, bravely facing failure", "making a thorough inquiry,being brave in innovation" and "being ambitious and brave in taking responsibility", Wu Shufan sent a message of ardent expectations to the 2021 freshmen, hoping that the students will deeply cultivate their family and country feelings, constantly enhance their ambition, backbone and foundation as Chinese people, and become a pioneer force in promoting the development of China's aerospace industry.


Wang Chunhui, deputy chief designer of the astronaut system of China Astronaut Research and training center, was invited to teach the first lesson for the freshmen. Mr. Wang Chunhui made a report entitled "sailing on a new journey, building a dream of embracing the stars in outer space" through online video. As a 1989 alumna of Jiaotong University, Ms. Wang Chunhui congratulated 2021 freshmen on entering the school of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and recalled her study and life in Jiaotong University. Starting from the development of China's manned space mission and China's space station, she explained the spirit of aerospace workers who are "especially able to bear hardships, struggle, tackle key problems and contribute" with the arduous struggle of astronauts. Ms. Wang Chunhui sent a message to the freshmen, hoping that on the road of exploring the aerospace industry, they can maintain their original intention, perseverance, ingenuity and concentricity, accumulate in the exploration, flourish after precipitation, become real pillars and make their own contributions to the aerospace power.


Wu Shengqi, the regular class teacher of 2021 undergraduate, spoke as the representative of the class teachers. He encouraged the students to be ambitious, professional and persist in exercise. He expected everyone to shoulder the important task of the new era with a struggling attitude and write a brilliant life with diligence!


Hu Shiqiang, Secretary of the Party committee, and Wu Shufan, executive vice president, issued letters of appointment to the class teachers of 2021 freshmen Wu Shengqi, Yang Rong, Zhao Haitao, fan Yin, Chen Yong and Xu Wu.


Ding Yiyao, a 2021 undergraduate, spoke on behalf of the freshmen. He expressed a good vision about study and life in the future, hoping that the students to constantly run in the exploration of the areas that no one has ever arrived, to dream and take action, to become a aerospace workers of both moral and talent in the new era.


Su Qiaoling, head of the assembly center of AVIC Shanghai Commercial Aero Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and a 2020 part-time master of engineering class, spoke as a representative of veteran students. He shared the arrogant and pride of being an aviation man and encouraged the students to innovate boldly, be down-to-earth, climb the peak bravely and continue to struggle in the era of great potential for aviation power.


Vice presidents Zhan Xingqun, Lu Bei and Zhang Bo presented the book "journey on the back of the moon" to the representatives of the freshman class. They hope that the students can follow the footprints of generations of astronauts, be not afraid of loneliness, remain curious, and constantly chase their the stars and sea in their hearts.


Hu Shiqiang, Secretary of the Party committee, carried out space feelings education for freshmen in combination with hot topics such as the construction of China's space station and astronauts' extravehicular flight. Hu Shiqiang launched expectations and messages for freshmen around "Dreams", encouraging students to dare to have dreams, dare to pursue dreams and be diligent in realizing dreams. What is needed in the aerospace field is to accumulate over time and work for a long time. Hu Shiqiang encourages Aerospace students to cherish dreams and passion, interpret with responsibility, ignite with innovation, achieve with struggle, and harvest their own regret and excellence.


"it is our duty to make china a country of strong aerospace force", all the freshmen stood up and solemnly vowed to fight for their dreams and never regret fot their youth.

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