Aerospace Systems Engineering Research Center

Wang Quanbao

Post:Associate Professor

Office Phone:021-34208663

Office Address:Room A431, Aerospace Building


Professional experience

Time Office Units Post
2013 – present Shanghai Jiao Tong University Associate Professor
2003 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Research Associate
2010-2013 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Post-doctor

Educational background

Time Graduated School Educational background
2010 Precision Instrument and Machinery, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ph.D.
2006 Measuring and Testing Technologies and Instruments, Xi’an University of Technology MSc.
2003 Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument, Xi’an University of Technology BSc.

Research Interests

  • Develop structure health monitoring approaches of aircraft
  • Develop measurement approaches of airship skin deformation base on DIC
  • Develop overall design approaches of aircraft

Selected publications

  1. Wang Quan-bao, Zhao Hai-tao, Qiu Ye, Chen Ji-an, Wang Yue-ying. An Investigation of Optical-mechanical Transfer of Surface-bonded FBG Sensors for Aerostat Envelope Strain Monitoring. Sensor Letters, 2013, 11(5): 812-819.
  2. Li Bang-Jian, Wang Quan-Bao, Duan Deng-Ping. Displacement measurement errors in digital image correlation due to the displacement mapping function. Experimental Techniques, 2019. 43: 445–456.
  3. Li Bang-Jian, Wang Quan-Bao, Duan Deng-Ping. Strain measurement errors with digital image correlation due to the Savitzky-Golay filter-based method. Measurement Science and Technology, 2018, 29(8):085004.
  4. Li Bang-Jian, Wang Quan-Bao, Duan Deng-Ping, Chen Ji-An. Using grey intensity adjustment strategy to enhance the measurement accuracy of digital image correlation considering the effect of intensity saturation[J]. Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 2018, 104:173-180.
  5. Jian Liu, Quan-bao Wang, Ji-an Chen, Hai-tao Zhao and Deng-ping Duan. Configuration Analysis of High Altitude Airship's Regenerative Power System. ASCE's Journal of Aerospace Engineering, 2015, 28(3): 04014078.

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