2017 DMP Students Open Defense Program



January 13th -14th, 2020

Morning session: 9:00-11:30 (5 students at most), Afternoon session: 13:00-15:00 (4 students at most), Voting and resolution: 15:10-18:00;


SJTU School of Aeronautics and Astronautics,

Rooms for oral defense: A216, A348, A442;

Waiting room: A229;

Form: Open defense;

Languages: Oral communication and PowerPoint should be in English no matter the thesis is finished in Chinese or in English;

Sequence of the Open Defense:   

Each day before 8:30AM, the defense secretaries from 3 majors will draw lots to determine the students and their order to have the open defense for that day.


Participants Lists :
1) 2017 SJTU-MAI Program Chinese and Russian students who meet the requirements of the defense;
2)Defense Committee: the institution for professional degree authorization shall invite 3 or 5 peer experts with intermediate professional titles or above (with the qualification of training for Master degree students) to set up the thesis defense committee, of which shall include 1 to 2 experts who have rich practical experience in related industry from outside the University/institution. The Chairman of the defense committee must be assumed by a professor-level expert. The supervisor of the master students may serve as a member of the committee, but cannot serve as the chairman. If the supervisor is a committee member, the committee shall consist of 5 experts (including the supervisor).

3) MAI professors participating in the Open Defense: Professors from MAI will attend the meeting and question students as nonvoting delegates;

4) Steering Committee: Representatives from graduate school and international cooperation and exchange office will be presented and guide the defense.


Materials required for the Open Defense:

  1. 5 copies of thesis;
  2. PowerPoint for the defense (submitted to the secretary of defense before 17:00 p.m. on January 12th);
  3. Form of Degree Application;
  4. Vote for the defense;
  5. Draft of the Defense Resolution (drafted by student her/himself and revised by supervisor).


Process of Defense:

  1. The student shall present his/her thesis by indicating the motivation, significance, content, conclusion and innovation of the research based on PowerPoint within 20 minutes.
  2. The students shall answer the questions from the Defense Committee after presentations. Three questions will be asked in general.
  3. All Students shall stay in the defense rooms till all oral defenses of the day are finished. Then, the defense committee holds an appraisal meeting to judge the academic level of the dissertation and the defense of the author, reach a defense conclusion by secret-ballot, draft and pass the defense resolution. The chairperson of the defense committee should sign on the defense resolution;
  4. Students will be recalled when the results come out, and the Chairman of the Defense Committee will announce the resolution and conclusion of the defense to the students;
  5. In the afternoon of January 14th, the defense committee will select two outstanding theses in each direction;
  6. After all students finishing their oral defense, the students shall revise their theses based on the feedback from the Committee and archive the theses in the graduate system before January 17th.   


Other precautions and arrangements:

  1. Students attend the defense in formal suit;
  2. The students shall make a written record of their defenses in Chinese or English, and submit them to the secretary of the defense at the same day;
  3. Before January 8th, the announcement of "Open Defense" will be displayed on the TV screen in the hall on the first floor of SAA. The information will include the thesis title, author’s name, oral defense location and other information.



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