Dep. of Aerospace Information and Control

Lu Bei

Post:Tenured Professor

Office Phone:021-34206214

Office Address:SAA Building, Room 1419


Professional Experience

Time Office Units Post
2017-Present Shanghai Jiao Tong University Professor
2005-2016 California State University, Long Beach, USA Professor、Associate Professor、Assistant Professor
2004-2005 North Carolina State University, USA Research Associate
1999-2001 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Research Scholar


Time Graduated School Educational background
2002-2004 North Carolina State University, USA Ph.D.
1996-1999 Shanghai Jiao Tong University M.S.
1992-1996 Shanghai Jiao Tong University B.S.

Research Interests

  • Development and application of robust control techniques
  • Pilot-in-the-loop simulation and handing qualities assessment
  • Modeling, control design, and flight test of flexible unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Smart materials/ adaptive structures and applications to flight vehicles

Selected Publications


​R. Esfandiari and B. Lu, Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems, CRC Press, 1st Edition, 2010, 2nd Edition, 2014.

National Natural Science Foundation of China

Journal Articles:

1. B. Lu, D. Falde, E. Iriarte, and E. Besnard, Switching robust control for a nanosatellite launch vehicle, Aerospace Science and Technology, 42, pp. 259-266, 2015.

2. B. Lu and Q. Li, System identification and control design of a piezoelectric-actuated cantilever beam, International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education, 42(3), pp. 233-250, 2014.

3. D. Alvarez and B. Lu, Piloted simulation study comparing classical, H¥, and LPV flight control design methods, AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, 34(1), pp. 164-176, 2011.

4. B. Lu, H. Choi, G.D. Buckner, and K. Tammi, Linear parameter-varying techniques for control of a magnetic bearing system, Control Engineering Practice, 16(10), pp. 1161-1172, 2008.

5. B. Lu and F. Wu, Probabilistic robust linear parameter-varying control of an F-16 aircraft, AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, 29(6), pp. 1454-1460, 2006.

6. B. Lu, F. Wu, and S.W. Kim, Switching LPV control of an F-16 aircraft via controller state reset, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 14(2), pp. 267-277, 2006.

7. L. Xu, S.-F. Ling, B. Lu, H. Li, and H. Hu, Sensing capability of a PZT-driven cantilever actuator, Sensors and Actuators A, 127(1), pp. 1-8, 2006.

8. S.-F. Ling, D. Wang, and B. Lu, Dynamics of a PZT-coated cantilever utilized as a transducer for simultaneous sensing and actuating, Smart Materials and Structures, 14(6), pp. 1127-1132, 2005.

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11. F. Wu and B. Lu, Anti-windup control design for exponentially unstable LTI systems with actuator saturation, Systems and Control Letters, 52(3/4), pp. 305-322, 2004.

12. F. Wu and B. Lu, On convexified robust control synthesis, Automatica, 40(6), pp. 1003-1010, 2004.

Professional Activities

     Technical reviewer of international journals and conferences in the area of controls

Honors and Awards

Shanghai QianRen (2013)

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