Research Groups

Aircraft Design and Aerodynamics Group


Members: two professors, three associate professors, one lecturer, and two post doctors.
Main research fields: conceptual aircraft design, aerodynamics, wind tunnel experiment technology, aeroacoustics, and computational engineering.

Research facilities: Hypersonic Innovative Technology Laboratory
The lab has an integrated wind tunnel laboratory consisting of a multi-Mach number wind tunnel (Ma=2.5~7) and a direct-connected combustion test platform. Test technologies have been developed based on the hypersonic ground test unit, including digital schlieren and PIV system for high-speed flows.

Research projects: In recent years, the group has undertaken more than 50 research projects related to the large aircraft development funded by the National Science and Technology Special Program. The lab has received about RMB 20 million research funds and established an international exchange center: J.C. Wu Center for Aerodynamics.

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