2018 SJTU-MAI DMP students participate in the graduation defense


On January 18 and February 21, 2021, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) carried out the graduation defense for master students of the 2018 SJTU-MAI Dual-Degree Master Program (DMP). Chinese students participated in the offline defense, while Russian students participated in the defense online due to the limitation of international flights in the epidemic period. Students come from 4 directions of 2018 DMP, which are “Product Life-cycle Management”, “Aerospace Engineering”, “Propulsion Engineering” and “Polymer Composite Materials”. The members of the Defense Committee are made up of professors from SAA, industry experts and experts from other universities in China. Professor at Moscow Aviation Institute attended the defense online. The defense is divided into two parts: 20 minutes’ presentation and 10 minutes Q&A. Each student introduced the research content and conclusion of their thesis in English, as well as what they have gained in the process of writing the thesis. In the following Q&A session, the members of the Defense Committee posted questions based on students’ presentation. In the final secret ballot, all members of the defense vote seriously. After the vote, the Chairman of the Defense Committee announced the finish of defense. 












SJTU-MAI program:

Under the background of the Belt and Road Initiative, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Moscow Aviation Institute collaborated with 4 companies in China and Russia, namely, COMAC、AECC、United Aircraft Cooperation, United Engine Cooperation establishing the Sino-Russian Joint Research Institute in 2017. Under this framework, SJTU-MAI dual-degree programs (master and bachelor) and research collaboration towards to China-Russia wide-body passenger aircraft project were established.

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